Easy Easter Cake Idea | Cute Easter Bunny Pizza Cake

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Cute and Easy Easter-Themed Cake Idea

easy Easter cake idea

Impress your family and friends this Easter with a charming Easter bunny pizza cake.  Basic decorating techniques keep this design easy, even for beginners!  Create a whimsical feel with simple buttercream piping and adorable chocolate bunny bottoms topped off with colorful fun sprinkles.  Get the decorating ideas, tips, and list of what you’ll need to create this cute Easter cake!

A Beautiful Easter-Themed Dessert

This cute Easter cake is a fun and easy way to serve dessert after Easter dinner.  The pre-sliced pizza cake design is perfect for gatherings and parties.  No dreaded cake-cutting required: just plate the slices and pass them out!  Pizza cakes are super easy to make-check out our pizza cake tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Easter Themed dessert

With an array of buttercream details in a cheery pastel palette, this fun Easter cake idea is eye-catching yet pretty simple to put together.  Even beginners can pipe this design using a handful of piping tips.  

The clever “carrot cakes” are made using a petal tip to easily create a ribbon pattern of orange and green buttercream.  The grassy green slices are made using multi-opening tip #233.  

carrot slice made using petal tip 103 and green and orange buttercream

One of the cutest features of this cake, the burrowing bunny bottoms, are really easy to make.  These details are made using bright white and pink candy melts, also called chocolate melting wafers, and a silicone mold.  We found this bunny bottom mold in the seasonal section at Walmart.  

burrowing bunny slice made with chocolate bunny bottoms, crushed Oreos, and grass-like buttercream using tip 233

Sprinkles are always a nice final touch to add a little extra to a dessert.  We love this sprinkle mix from Sprinkle Pop.  The bright spring shades blend with this cake’s color palette. 

The mix includes sprinkles shaped like ducks, bunnies, eggs, and adorable bunny bottoms.  The little bunny bottom sprinkles are a perfect compliment to the Easter bunny theme of this cake.  

Sprinkle Pop mix features bright colors and sprinkles shaped like ducks, bunnies, eggs, and bunny bottoms

Let’s get into the decorating tips and what you’ll need to create this cute Easter cake. 

Easter Pizza Cake Decorating Ideas

What You’ll Need:

Chocolate Bunny Bottoms:

  • Wilton Candy Melts-Bright White & Pink
  • silicone mold
  • plastic or piping bags
  • crushed Oreos

Decorative Accents

easy piping details for Easter Themed cake

Buttercream Frosting Colors & Tips

This beautiful Easter dessert looks impressive but is actually fairly simple to pull together.  The whimsical design is easy to make using an array of frosting tips.  

We typically use a lot of star tips in our designs, but you can choose any tips that you like.  If you’re a beginner or just want some design inspiration, Wilton has a great post on Beginner Piping Techniques.

If you’re new to buttercream piping, this 8-piece frosting tip beginner’s set from Wilton is a great little kit to get started with.

We stuck with soft pastels for this Easter cake to keep it light and cute.  All the colors we chose were Wilton except the orange (which is Americolor).  This 8-count Wilton Icing Color Set has just the colors needed for this design.  

Check out the photo below for the tips and colors used for this Easter bunny pizza cake.

frosting gel colors and tips used for Easter bunny cake design

Helpful Tips for Pizza Cake Decorating:

  • Once you choose a color palette, pair each color with one or more piping tips.
  • Our eyes like symmetry-pair up slices opposite each other with the same design.  This will also add balance to the overall cake design.  
  • Pipe the big details first, like rosettes and big stars, and fill in with smaller details.  This is an easy way to “layer” the buttercream details in a way that looks well put together.  

Once the decorating with buttercream is complete, you’re ready to add all those fun charming details!

Easter-Themed Cake Decorating Accents

The easiest way to decorate any cake is with sprinkles.  We added a light dusting of clear sanding sugar to the carrot slices for extra sparkle.  

These sprinkles from Sprinkle Pop are a super simple and quick way to dress up any Easter dessert.  The cute bunny bottoms and bright spring colors enhance the cute fun vibe of this cake design.  

beautiful Easter dessert

The bunny bottoms are made of Wilton Melting Wafers.  These are very easy to work with.  To melt, simply follow the instructions on the package and then pour into a piping bag.  (A plastic bag with a tip cut off will work, too!)  

To create the pink pads on the feet, apply the pink chocolate and let it harden.  Next, fill the rest of the mold with bright white.  Pop them in the fridge for about 5 minutes and then remove from the mold. 

Add some crushed Oreos around the chocolates to make it appear as though the bunnies are headed underground.  

make burrowing bunny bottoms using candy melts and Oreos

Helpful Tip:  If using a mold with teeny tiny details like the 3 tiny dots for the toe prints, try applying those AFTER the chocolate has hardened and been removed from the mold.  Sometimes small details like that can be difficult to apply inside the mold without it getting messy.  Just pipe them on at the end-it’s much easier!

These cake decorating ideas are easy enough for a beginner but the end result is a beautiful Easter cake that will charm your family and friends!

cute Easter cake idea

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Easy Easter Cake Idea | Cute Pizza Cake

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