Graduation Cookies Ideas

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Ideas for Graduation Sugar Cookies

ideas for decorating graduation sugar cookies

Celebrate your graduate this year with these graduation sugar cookies!!!  The clever ideas for decorating make it easy to customize these cookies with your school colors, mascot, and graduation year.  Adorned with buttercream, sprinkles, and chocolate candies, these cookies are top of the class!!!

Decorating Graduation Sugar Cookies

These cookies can be made with some frosting tips, basic techniques, and a few finishing touches.  

We used our holiday flavor sugar cookie recipe (which is great year-round).  We have a classic sugar cookie recipe that works great as well. 

The shapes of these cookies are very basic: circles, squares, and numbers.  The only “special” cutter we used was the graduation cap.  We picked it up at our local cake supply store, but you can also grab one on Amazon

sugar cookies shaped like graduation caps with a cookie cutter

These sugar cookies are covered with buttercream using just a few tips: a 3M tip for the swirl, a star tip for the cap cookies, and round tips for outlining, filling, in, and writing.  

Check out our buttercream recipe that is great for decorating cookies!

Our school colors are black and gold, and we made these cookies for Tammy’s son Timmy’s high school graduation.  We tinted our gold buttercream with The Sugar Art Autumn Gold powdered food coloring.  We made our black buttercream using Wilton black icing color and cocoa powder.  

decorate graduation cookies with buttercream, chocolate candies, and sprinkles

All of the cookie design ideas incorporate a few cute accents:

  • black and gold sprinkles to complement the color scheme
  • The Sugar Art DiamonDust edible glitter for extra luster and sparkle
  • chocolate candies in the shapes of caps, scrolls, and the graduation year

How to Make Graduation Cookies

What You’ll Need

  • sugar cookies
  • buttercream  *choice of icing colors
  • sprinkles  
  • The Sugar Art DiamonDust edible glitter-10k Gold
  • cap & scroll chocolate candies (see how to make below)
  • piping bags w/couplers
  • piping tips: 1M  ~  star tip #16  ~  round tips #3 & #1

Graduation Cap Cookies

The graduation hats can be easily made in 3 steps with just a couple of piping tips- a star tip and a round tip.  We used a #16 star and a #3 round, but you can use any small tips of your choice.  

sugar cookies shaped like graduation hats and decorated with buttercream

To Decorate the Graduation Cap Cookies:

  1. Fill in the hat portion of the cookie using a #16 star tip.  Hold the piping bag straight up, apply gentle pressure to create a star, and release pressure while pulling the bag straight up.
  2. Use a #3 round tip to outline the starred portion along with a circle in the middle of the cap where the tassel attaches.
  3. Staying with a #3 round tip, pipe out the tassel.

Graduation  Year Cookies

These cookies can be made using a round tip and some sprinkles.  We used a #3 tip, but any small round tip will work.

graduation cookies in number shapes to make graduation year

To Decorate the Graduation Year Cookies:

  1. Using a #3 round tip, outline the edges of the cookie.
  2. Use the same tip to fill in the outlined area, making lines in a “back-and-forth” motion.
  3. Finish off with sprinkles!

“Congrats” Cookies

These cookies can be made with a couple of round tips, graduation cap candies, and a touch of DiamonDust glitter.  

*Directions for making the chocolate caps can be found at the end of the post.

sugar cookie with chocolate graduation cap and congrats message written in buttercream

To Decorate the “Congrats” Cookies:

  1. Use a #3 round tip to outline the cookie.
  2. Use the same tip to fill in the outlined area with lines in a “back-and-forth” motion.
  3. Use a small round tip like a #1 to pipe on the script.
  4. Accent with a sprinkle of Diamondust and a graduation hat candy.

Cookies with Buttercream Swirl

These cookies are super quick to make but super pretty.  All you need is a 3M tip to create a swirl of frosting.  Add a touch of DiamonDust glitter and sprinkles.  Top off with a chocolate cap, scroll, or graduation year.

FUN IDEA: Adorn cookies with chocolate candies in the shape of your school mascot!!!

sugar cookie with tri-colored buttercream swirls and chocolate graduation cap

We chose to make a tri-colored swirl for this cookie design.  Check out Handle the Heat for easy ways to make tri-colored buttercream.

*Directions for making the chocolate candies can be found below.

sugar cookie with tri-colored buttercream swirls and chocolate scroll

How to Make Cap & Scroll Chocolate Candies

Candy melts are easy to work with and come in a variety of colors.  They melt quickly and don’t require a tempering process like real chocolate.  They usually have a white chocolate flavor, but can be found in other flavors as well.  We usually use Wilton brand melts. 

Follow these easy steps to create cute caps and scrolls for your cookies.   

graduation sugar cookie decorating ideas

What You’ll Need

molds and candy melts used to make chocolate caps scrolls and numbers
  1. Pour a small amount of candy melts into a microwave-safe bowl and follow the melting instructions on the packaging.
  2. Pour or spoon the melted mixture into a piping bag.  (A plastic bag with the tip snipped off will work as well.)
  3. Pipe the mixture into the mold, making sure to fill any corners and crevices.    * For the caps, fill in the tassel first and let it harden.  Then fill in the rest of the cap.
  4. Lightly tap the mold on the counter to free any air bubbles.
  5. Put the filled mold in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to harden.
  6. Once the chocolates have solidified, pop them out of the mold.
  7. For the scrolls, use the Wilton Pen to draw on a bow.
graduation sugar cookies with buttercream, chocolate candies, and sprinkles

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Graduation Cookies Ideas

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