How to Decorate Unicorn Cookies

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Easy to Decorate Unicorn Theme Cookies with Royal Icing & Buttercream

easy unicorn theme cookies made with royal icing and buttercream

Never worked with royal icing before? No problem! Fun and easy to make, these cookies are a great way for any beginner decorator to get familiar with royal icing. Learn how to decorate these charming unicorns, dreamy clouds, and rainbows using basic techniques. Unicorn theme cookies adorned with a royal icing and buttercream combo make for stand-out cookies with a simple design.

Are These Decorating Techniques Beginner Friendly?

Here’s a little secret: making these cookies was only the second time Tammy had ever worked with royal icing, I never had. The truth is, although royal icing may seem intimidating for a beginner decorator, it’s actually a pretty easy medium to work with. It’s kind of like coloring a picture. 

The designs of these unicorns and rainbows are very basic and straight-forward, no fancy techniques here.  Decorated quite simply, the vibrant icing colors add a bold color pop, and the swirled buttercream clouds add some fun dimension. 

Here are a few helpful tips we learned along the way: 

  • Consistency is key. You don’t want the icing to be too runny, creating a sloppy mess all over the cookie. Overly stiff icing can also be a problem; it will dry too fast, making it difficult to cover the cookie with a smooth seamless finish. This royal icing recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction worked great for us. The best thing about it: it works for both outlining and filling in (flooding) the cookie, so there’s no need to make more than one batch of icing.
  • Secure the ends of the piping bags with rubber bands to prevent the royal icing from drying out. 
  • Keep toothpicks handy. If you find you’re getting some air bubbles as you pipe, use a toothpick to smooth out the icing. They can also be used to correct small mistakes. 
  • To create a layered effect, wait in between colors and allow them to dry. You can then pipe right on top of dried icing.
rainbow colors of royal icing and plain unicorn theme sugar cookies

What You’ll Need to Make All 3 Cookie Designs:

  • Sugar Cookies-our special recipe! 
  • Unicorn Theme Cookie Cutters 
  • Royal Icing-we use this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction 
  • Buttercream Frosting-try our recipe! 
  • Icing Colors-all Wilton brand ~Buttercream Yellow ~Rose ~Leaf Green ~Teal ~Violet ~Black 
  • Piping Bags 
  • Couplers 
  • Wilton Tip #3 (outlining & flooding) 
  • Wilton Tip #21 (clouds) 
  • Wilton Tip #2 (unicorn eye) 
  • Toothpicks 
  • Yellow Sugar Sprinkles 
  • Decorator Pearls
unicorn sugar cookie with royal icing easy to make for beginners

How to Decorate a Unicorn Cookie with Royal Icing

Once the sugar cookies​are baked and the royal icing is colored to your liking, you’re ready to add some life to the unicorn cookies. We decorated these cookies breaking the process down into the 4 parts of the unicorn: 1. horn 2. head 3. mane 4. eye 

  1. Fill the piping bags with royal icing. 

*For easy filling, place the piping bags in a glass and fold the edges over the rim. 

*For the piping bag with white icing, make sure to insert Wilton Tip #3 with a coupler first. Use Wilton Tip #2​ with a coupler for the black icing. 

  1. Cut just the very tip off of the bags-you want a very small opening, this will give you better control and precision while piping
  2. Start with the horn, outlining first and then filling in the space with yellow icing.

*For a touch of sparkle, add the yellow sugar sprinkles while the yellow icing is still wet.

outline the unicorn horn with yellow royal icing
flood or fill in the horn with yellow royal icing
add yellow sugar sprinkles to the unicorn horn
  1. Outline the head of the unicorn with white icing and fill in the outlined space. (This is called flooding.)
outline the head of the unicorn with white royal icing
flood the head of the unicorn with white royal icing

*Wait for the white icing to harden before piping the mane for a layered effect.

  1. Pipe the mane using the same outline and flood technique. After some trial and error, we found that starting with the bottom of the mane and working up created the best-looking result.
pipe the unicorn mane using purple and blue royal icing
pipe the the rainbow unicorn mane with pink and green royal icing
  1. Add a smiling eye with black icing, and you have a sweet simple unicorn cookie!

*We ran out of royal icing, so we used black buttercream for the eyes on our unicorn cookies.

Either royal icing or buttercream will work, straight up icing color WILL NOT.

Tammy experimented with this and the outcome was this poor little unicorn who looked like she either got in a fight or didn’t use waterproof mascara.

unicorn cookie with smudged black icing for eye

These rainbow cookies can be decorated quickly and easily with this simple design. We made a few cookies using royal icing for the clouds, but we ultimately chose to use buttercream. We loved the fluffy effect of the buttercream clouds. It adds a little something special since the overall design of the rainbow is pretty basic.

How to Decorate a Rainbow Cookie with Royal Icing and Buttercream

easy sugar cookies with royal icing rainbows and buttercream clouds

Follow these simple steps to create darling rainbow cookies: 

  • Begin with the pink icing and pipe two rows, following the curve of the rainbow. 
  • Fill in the rainbow with the rest of the colors, piping two rows of each color along the curve. 
begin piping the rainbow sugar cookie with two rows of pink icing

*Helpful Tip: Pipe a small dot at the end of each line to help you gauge how long you want to make your rows.

yellow icing on rainbow sugar cookie
  • Using Wilton Tip #21​and white buttercream, pipe small swirls for the clouds. 
  • Finish off the clouds with white decorator pearls for a dainty detail. 
add buttercream swirls for clouds to rainbow sugar cookie

How to Decorate a Cloud Cookie with Buttercream

These dreamy cloud cookies are the perfect complement to the rainbow cookies. Completely foolproof (even I can’t mess these up), these cookies can be decorated and ready in minutes!!! Two steps and you’re done!!

cloud sugar cookies with white buttercream
  1. Using​Wilton Tip #21​and buttercream, pipe small swirls all over the cookie.
  1. Add white decorator pearls​for a touch of elegance

There you have it!!! A magical trio of unicorn theme cookies!!!

beginner friendly sugar cookies made with royal icing and buttercream - unicorn, rainbow, and cloud

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How to Decorate Unicorn Cookies

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