Ice Cream Theme Cake with Neapolitan Flavored Buttercream

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Cake Design Ideas – Neapolitan Ice Cream Theme

pizza cake with ice cream theme and Neapolitan flavored buttercream

Charm your guests at your next gathering or birthday with this delightful ice cream theme cake!  Baked in a ready-to-serve pizza cake design topped with adorable miniature cones and sprinkles, this cake takes classic Neapolitan ice cream to a whole new level!  The flavored strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate buttercream taste just like a bite of Neapolitan ice cream!  Learn how to make this tasty buttercream along with all the cute cake design ideas!

Novel Ideas for an Ice Cream Theme Cake

This ice cream theme cake combines classic Neapolitan ice cream with a trendy pizza cake design.  Miniature cones with triple scoops of ice cream adorn the cake, accented with chocolate sprinkles.  

design ideas for ice cream theme cake

The Neapolitan cake theme can be seen and tasted in the buttercream:  not only is the frosting tinted in traditional Neapolitan colors, but it is also flavored strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate!  Keep reading to find out how we made this buttercream.

Try This!  For extra “Neapolitan” flavor, use a mix of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cake slices!

cake with ice cream theme

“Pizza Cake” Design & Why It’s Awesome

You may have never seen a pizza cake before, so let’s talk about what it is exactly and what makes it so cool.  A pizza cake is a pre-sliced cake usually round in shape.  They can be made in varying sizes with a cupcake or mini-cake in the center surrounded by cake slices.  

Neapolitan ice cream theme pizza cake

They’re perfect for events, gatherings, and birthdays because there is no hassle of cutting the cake-it’s already done!  No knife, no mess, and served in no time!  

How do you make a pizza cake?  It’s super easy!  All you need is some cake batter and a silicone moldThe slices bake in separated triangular slots and once baked, you can arrange them into a round pizza shape.  Get step-by-step instructions plus tips and tricks with our pizza cake tutorial.

ideas for ice cream theme cake

Easy Way to Make Neapolitan Flavored Buttercream

The most clever idea (in my opinion) for this cake is the Neapolitan flavored buttercream.  Tammy came up with this, and I think it’s such a great way to feel like you’re actually enjoying those classic ice cream flavors in one delicious bite, just as if you’re eating a triple scoop cone with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

pizza cake with ice cream theme

Fun Fact:  According to Wikipedia, Neapolitan ice cream was named after the immigrants from Naples who brought the art of frozen desserts with them to the States.  The original colors pink, white, and green (pistachio) were used to resemble the Italian flag.  The third flavor evolved to chocolate to reflect the most popular US ice cream flavors at the time.

Since we like to keep things fast and easy around here,  Tammy whipped up this buttercream using simple recipes anyone can make and our easy vanilla buttercream recipe.  

Here’s how Tammy created each tasty flavor and color shade:



  •  1 Cup of our vanilla buttercream + strawberry flavoring + Wilton Pink Icing Color:   

We used LorAnn Strawberry Super Strength Flavor, and added just a few drops to taste, so the amount is your call depending on how strong of a flavor you like. 

Same goes for the icing color: start with a few drops for a light shade and add for a darker pink.


  • 1 Cup of our vanilla buttercream + cocoa powder + Wilton Brown Icing Color:

The cocoa powder does 2 jobs-it flavors and tints the frosting (score!).  Start with about a 1/2 Tablespoon and add by the 1/2 Tablespoon until you achieve the flavor you like.

We find sometimes using a pinch of Wilton Brown Icing Color enriches the brown shade we’re going for.

cake decorated with ice cream cones

Ice Cream Cake Design Ideas 

The detailed design of this cake can be achieved with some buttercream and a few basic piping tips.  These piping techniques are beginner-friendly, no expert level skills needed!

What You’ll Need:

  • 12-slice pizza cake
  • ~3-4 C buttercream-try our recipe!
  • Wilton icing colors: Brown & Pink
  • Miniature ice cream cones
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Piping bags
  • Frosting tips and couplers (Tips #103 & #21)

How to Decorate the Cake Slices

Multi-Colored Star Design:  This pattern can be created using just one tip-star tip #21.  Any star tip will work.  Simply hold the piping bag straight up, apply light pressure, and slightly twist as you pull up and away-this will give the stars the swirl effect seen in the photo.

To create nice and neat little stars like the vanilla stars under the mini cones, simply apply light pressure and pull straight up with the piping bag.  

how to decorate a cake with an ice cream theme

Ribbon Design: The cake slices made with a “ribbon” effect are created with a petal tip.  We used #103, but you can use any petal tip to create this effect.  Apply light pressure to the piping bag and use a back and forth motion across the cake slice.  

Neapolitan flavored buttercream with ribbon tip

How to Make the Ice Cream Cone Accents

On the Cake Slices:  

  • Place the cone on the cake slice
  • Using a round piping tip, or no tip at all, push the frosting out of the bag to make a dollop of buttercream. Repeat this with each frosting flavor.  It may be helpful to round out and smooth the dollops with a spatula to create an ice cream scoop shape.  

On the Centerpiece:

  • Secure the cone with a toothpick through the bottom
  • Apply light pressure to the piping bag to make a dollop of buttercream on top of the cone.  Repeat with each frosting flavor.  
cake with ice cream and cones theme

Finish off the cake with some chocolate sprinkles and enjoy!!!!

ice cream theme pizza cake

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