How to Make a Unique Frozen 2 Cake-Easy Ideas

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Make a One-of-a-Kind Frozen 2 Cake with These Easy Ideas

easy to make frozen 2 birthday cake and mini wish cake

Amaze the birthday girl with this Frozen 2-themed cake wrapped in an edible image with an icy fault-line border! A few easy-to-do ideas come together to create a unique birthday cake sure to please!

A Frozen 2 Cake That’s Easy to Make

My daughter is all about Elsa and her new adventures in the Frozen 2 movie. It was no surprise when she requested a Frozen 2 cake for her birthday.

We headed “into the unknown” when we made this cake! A fault-line cake was something we had never tried. Creating details made with a homemade marshmallow fondant recipe was also a first for us!

frozen 2 themed edible cake image strip with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf

The buttercream turned out the perfect shade of “Frozen blue”. The sanding sugar and crystals along the fault-line and sprinkled on top of the purple and white buttercream swirls gives the cake a frosty feeling. The marshmallow fondant autumn leaves wisping over the images of Anna and Elsa are a nod to the spirit of the wind present throughout the movie.

Our signature Wish Cake is a charming smaller version of the large cake.

What is a Wish Cake? A Wish Cake is a mini-cake for the special birthday girl (or boy) that is just for her!  This cake is perfect for candle-blowing, wish-making, and for the birthday girl to enjoy all to herself!

We make them for all of our birthday orders, and the kids love them!

the frozen 2 mini wish cake is a small replica of the large cake

Overall, we were pleased with how this cake turned out, considering we did a whole lot of experimenting with this project. We sure learned a few things that we’ll share with you down below!

The fault-line feature is actually pretty easy to make. We discovered a couple of helpful tips to make it look its best! The marshmallow fondant is also easy to make and fun to work with. We’ll share our must-know tips to create unique fondant details for any beginner working with fondant!

frozen 2 birthday cake with frozen themed party decorations

The instructions and supply lists are separated by the cake itself and each feature. Hopefully, this makes it easier to see what is needed to create each piece of this cake!

Base Cake and Buttercream

What You’ll Need:

● Three 6-inch round cakes (from scratch or box mix)
● 6 Cups Buttercreamtry our recipe
~ 4 Cups Smooth Consistency
~2 Cups Medium Consistency
● 6-inch round cake board
● Icing Spatula
● Wilton Icing Colors
~Cornflower Blue
~Royal Blue
● Toothpicks
Rotating Cake Stand (strongly recommended)

frozen 2 mini wish cake with buttercream swirls and wishing candle

This cake is made of round 6-inch cakes stacked three high. You can use any from-scratch recipe or box mix (which we typically use!). You will need a total of 6 cups of buttercream.

We have a fantastic buttercream recipe that just so happens to yield 6 cups!!! The consistency of this buttercream can also be adjusted from stiff (for piping flowers) to medium (for piping details) to smooth (for covering cakes). Its not-too-sweet buttery flavor is always a crowd pleaser!!! You won’t believe how easy it is to make with just a few simple ingredients!

To make this Frozen cake, you will need:
~ 4 cups of smooth frosting for stacking and covering
~2 cups of medium frosting to pipe the swirls on top of the cake, which you will get to a little later.

Check out our buttercream recipe post for everything you need to know to mix up the frosting for this cake!

frozen 2 birthday cake with frozen themed party decorations

Stacking a straight and level multi-layered cake can be a challenge. A few helpful tips and a little practice make this process a whole lot easier. Whitney from Sugar & Sparrow has some helpful videos covering these steps:

Leveling Cakes
Stacking Cakes
How to Crumb Coat a Cake

We strongly recommend using a rotating cake stand to frost and decorate your cake.  This is, in our opinion, one of the most helpful decorating tools you can have in your dessert decorating kit.

We have been using this Wilton High and Low Cake Turntable that not only rotates but also has adjustable height settings. This way, you can raise or lower the cake to a comfortable height, and rotating the cake allows for a quicker and cleaner finish on the frosting.

We also have a couple of these Wilton Decorating Turntables that cost a little less than the High and Low Turntable. While the height is not adjustable, the cake stand still spins, making it pretty handy for frosting and applying details to a cake.

frozen 2 themed cake with mini wish cake are perfect for a frozen birthday

Once you have stacked and crumb coated your cake, it’s time to tint the remaining buttercream you will use to cover the cake. To create the signature “Frozen 2 blue” shade, we used 3 Wilton icing colors:

● Cornflower blue
● Royal blue
● Purple

Simply dip a toothpick into the icing color and swipe it through your buttercream. Once you have added all three colors, mix with a spatula until well blended. Add extra coloring to adjust the shade to your liking.

Once your cake is stacked and your buttercream is mixed and colored, it’s time to create a fault-line with the Frozen edible image!

How to Make the Fault-Line with an Edible Image

The focal point of this Frozen cake is the edible image hugged by an icy fault-line border.

The image features colorful silhouettes of the royal sisters and their sidekick Olaf amidst the forest and blowing autumn leaves.

Tammy found this affordable set of 3 edible strips on Etsy.

frozen 2 cake with an edible image and marshmallow fondant leaf details

This was our first attempt at a fault-line cake, and we’re pretty pleased with how it turned out. Here’s a couple of helpful tips:

Make sure there are no gaps between the layer of buttercream and the edible image strips or the image won’t melt into the cake correctly, which will cause it to become bumpy or even cave in. (Happened to us-NOT good).
● Make sure the layers of buttercream overlapping the edible image are good and thick-this will really define the fault-line edges.

What You’ll Need:

● Remaining buttercream after stacking and crumb coating, tinted “Frozen 2 blue”
Frozen 2 Edible Cake Image Strips
● White Sanding Sugar
● Soft Blue Sugar Crystals
● Icing Spatula
● Icing Smoother/Scraper
● Food-Grade Paint Brush
● Small Bowl

edible image strips, white sanding sugar, light blue sugar crystas, and chocolate pearls are decorative accents on this frozen 2 cake

1. Apply a thin layer of buttercream around the middle of the side of the cake.

Be sure that the band of buttercream is wider than the image strip. Gaps between the image and the buttercream may cause the image to become bumpy or cave in.

apply a thin layer of buttercream around the side of the cake

2. Starting with one end of the edible cake image strip, apply the strip on top of the buttercream, being careful to smooth out any air bubbles as you go. Over the next few hours, the image will start to melt into the buttercream.

apply the edible image strips careful to smooth out any air bubbles

3. Apply the second strip just like the first one. There may be a tiny gap between your strips-no worries! This will be filled in with fondant leaves.

make sure there are no gaps between the buttercream layer and the edible image strip

4.Use an icing spatula to apply a layer of buttercream to the top of the cake and smooth.

5. Apply a thick layer of buttercream above the image strip around the cake, overlapping the edge of the strip.

A straight border is not the goal here-you want a jagged edge.

6. Apply a thick layer of buttercream below the image strip.

apply a thick layer of buttercream under the image strip around the cake

7. Use an icing smoother/scraper to smooth the finish of the buttercream around the cake.

use a cake scraper to smooth out the buttercream around the cake

8. Pour small amounts of the white sanding sugar and soft blue sugar crystals into a small bowl. Dab a food-grade paintbrush into the mixture and gently brush it onto the edges of the buttercream border.

paint on sugar crystals and sanding sugar on the edge of the fault-line

Now that the image is in place with a frosty fault-line, it’s time to decorate the top of the cake.

Top Off the Cake with Swirls, Pearls, and Sugar

The top of this Frozen cake is easy to decorate with a little bit of buttercream and a couple of sugary accents. The icy sprinkles are the same as the ones used on the fault-line border. The purple chocolate pearls can be found at Walmart.

We chose to make bi-colored swirls using purple and white buttercream to complement the colors in the edible image. You may choose just one color or different colors all together!

Check out Handle the Heat for a few ways to make multi-colored buttercream swirls.

What You’ll Need:

● 2 Cups of buttercream-medium consistency
● Wilton Purple Icing Color (optional)
● Piping Bag and Coupler
● Wilton Icing Tip 1M
● Chocolate Pearls
● White Sanding Sugar
● Soft Blue Sugar Crystals

purple and white buttercream swirls, chocolate pearls, and icy sprinkles are an easy way to decorate the top of this frozen 2 cake

Once you have your buttercream colored (or not!) and ready in a piping bag with Tip 1M, simply add the swirls to the top of the cake.

~Applying pressure to the bag, move in a circular upward motion to create each swirl.
~Top with chocolate pearls, sanding sugar, and sugar crystals. That’s all there is to it! So easy yet so cute!

How to Make Leaves Made of Marshmallow Fondant

Crisp autumn leaves are a symbol of the theme of change in the Frozen 2 storyline. Blowing fall leaves also represent the spirit of the wind, or Gail, as Olaf calls it.

In the spirit of change, we thought we’d try something new with this cake and experiment with fondant. Tammy has had minimal experience with fondant, I had zero up to this point. A lot of what we do is trial and error baking and decorating. We believe that’s how we learn and progress. I definitely learned a few things!

marshmallow fondant leaf detail on edible image cake strip on a frozen 2 birthday cake

Here are my top beginner tips for working with fondant:
Shortening and cooking spray are your best friends: these 2 supplies will keep the fondant from sticking to your hands, the counter, the rolling pin, the cookie cutter-you get it. I preferred using shortening except for on the cookie-cutter, which I sprayed.
If the fondant is overly sticky, knead in a little powdered sugar. Shoot for a soft Play-Doh consistency.
Make fondant details in advance: if you’re using the fondant for details like these leaves, make them a day or two ahead of time so they can dry.

lay the fondant leaves flat to dry on a baking sheet lined with wax paper

Our dessert projects don’t always turn out the way we picture them, and that’s okay. When things don’t go exactly as we planned, we always pass that on to our readers so you can learn right along with us!

What I’ll do differently next time I work with fondant:
Go lighter on the food coloring: it doesn’t take much to color the fondant. It may be tough to mix in at first, but just keep kneading. The color will also darken as it sets in.
Roll the fondant thinner: my leaves turned out a little thick in my opinion. I think I should have rolled it slightly thinner. Next time, I also would try thinning and rolling the edges of the leaves. It’s a cool technique I saw that makes leaves and flower petals look more realistic.
Try dry food dust instead of wet shimmer spray.

autumn colored leaves made of marshmallow fondant

We chose to make our fondant because we heard it tastes better than traditional or store-bought fondant. Neither of us is a marshmallow fan, but we’d have to admit this stuff tastes pretty good! It has a creamy sweet flavor with no hint of bitterness that can be found in store-bought versions.

I used this Handle the Heat on It’s easy to make and only requires 3 basic ingredients: powdered sugar, water, and, of course, marshmallows!

What You’ll Need:

● Marshmallow Fondant
● Cooking Spray
● Shortening
● Shimmer Spray
● Powdered Sugar
● Americolor Gel Food Coloring
~Chili Pepper
● Baking Sheet
● Wax Paper
● Gloves
● Leaf Cookie Cutter
● Rolling Pin
● Food-Grade Paintbrush
● Knife

supplies needed to make marshmallow fondant leaves

I made 3 different shades of leaves using 4 Americolor gel food colorings :

the fondant leaf colors are made using four colors: maroon, crimson, chili pepper, and plum

To color the fondant, squeeze a little gel coloring in and start to knead with your hands until the color is evenly blended. It may take a while, but just keep at it! I highly recommend wearing gloves for this. Also, rub some shortening onto your gloves to keep the fondant from sticking.

roll fondant to no more than one-fourth of an inch thickness

Once the fondant is colored, roll it out on a lightly powdered surface. I rolled it to about 1⁄4 of an inch thickness. For more realistic leaves, I suggest going a bit thinner.

Spray your cookie cutter with cooking spray and press it into the fondant, just like you’re making sugar cookies! When removing the leaves, a small knife may help smooth any rough edges. I also used a knife to cut the smaller segments off a whole leaf to create leaves of varied sizes.

press the leaf cookie cutter into the fondant and remove leaves

Transfer the leaves to a baking sheet lined with wax paper to dry. To add a little dimension, add some gold shimmer spray to the veins of the leaves. For extra control, spray the shimmer on a food-grade paintbrush and paint on. You don’t have to wait for the leaves to dry before adding the shimmer.

fondant leaves painted with gold shimmer spray

Lastly, place the leaves on the cake wherever you’d like. Use a little buttercream or even water to hold the leaves in place. We chose to make a wispy pattern over the gap between the edible images-that way no one even knows it’s there!

buttercream swirls, fondant leaves, and an edible image fault-line cake with a frozen 2 theme

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Make a One-of-a-Kind Frozen 2 Cake with These Easy Ideas

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