How to Make Baby Yoda Cookies Without a Cookie Cutter

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An Easy Way to Make Baby Yoda Cookies That Doesn’t Require a Cookie Cutter

easy baby yoda cookies with royal icing

Follow along with these step by step instructions to learn how to make darling Baby Yoda cookies! Our free printable template makes it easy to create sugar cookies shaped just like the adored character of “The Mandalorian.” No cookie-cutter needed! Learn how to decorate these cookies with royal icing details even a beginner can do!

An Easy Way to Make Baby Yoda Cookies

“The Child,” better known as “Baby Yoda,” just may be the cutest character to ever grace the screen. It’s no wonder people have fallen in love with the little guy. The baby of Tammy’s family is a super fan of the baby alien. He wanted all things “Baby Yoda” for his May birthday. 

If you search for “Baby Yoda cookies”, chances are you will see many designs based on the clever idea to use an angel cookie cutter. Great idea! The only problem for us: we didn’t have an angel cookie cutter with the right shape. 

roll out the cookie dough to one-fourth of an inch thickness and place the baby yoda template on top the dough

Luckily, Tammy has some pretty mad free-hand skills, so she drew up a template! The Baby Yoda silhouette Tammy designed captures the iconic alien ears and the boxy, over-sized brown coat. 

You can print off our free Baby Yoda template for your batch of cookies!

how to make baby yoda cookies with simple royal icing details

We used our signature holiday sugar cookie recipe to make our Baby Yodas. Based on our mother’s Christmas cookies, this recipe turns out soft sugar cookies with a uniquely delicious flavor! 

We also have a classic sugar cookie recipe.  Both of our sugar cookie recipes produce soft cookies, they differ in flavor!

After creating the perfect Baby Yoda shape for the cookies,  the next step was to come up with a simple design for the details-the cute little face, the slouchy coat, and those ears!  We kept it super basic so any beginner could complete this design, which worked out great since this was Tammy’s first attempt at royal icing on a sugar cookie!  Yep, total beginners here!

We used the royal icing recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction.  It’s really easy to mix up-only 3 ingredients!  The icing consistency can also be adjusted, adding powdered sugar for thickening or adding water as a thinner.  Grab the recipe here

Thicker icing is better for outlining a cookie or a section. It helps to “fence in” the icing where you want it. Thinner icing works well for filling (known as flooding) in a cookie or a section. It spreads and melts together more than thicker icing.

baby yoda sugar cookies made with printable template

We used Wilton icing colors to tint the royal icing. All of the shades were made by using just one icing color per shade. We generally don’t use precise amounts of icing color. Our rule is to start with a little, like a swipe with a toothpick, and then add more as we see fit. These shades are pretty soft, so not much coloring is needed.

The step by step instructions are divided into 2 parts:
1. Cutting out the sugar cookies with our free Baby Yoda template.
2. Decorating the cookies with royal icing.

Follow along and learn how easy it is to make these cute Baby Yoda cookies!

How to Bake Baby Yoda Cookies

You can use any sugar cookie dough of your choice. Our easy and always tasty sugar cookie recipe yields about 3 dozen Baby Yodas.

What You’ll Need:

Free Printable Baby Yoda Template
● Heavy Cardstock/Paper
● Scissors
Sugar Cookie Dough-try our recipe!
● Powdered Sugar
● Rolling Pin
● Paring Knife
● Baking Sheet
● Parchment Paper

baby yoda sugar cookies with royal icing

1. Print off our free Baby Yoda template. We recommend using card stock or tracing the template onto a heavy paper or poster board. If you plan on reusing the template, you may want to laminate it.  If you are planning on just using it once you can use parchment paper as well.

2. Roll out the cookie dough on a surface lightly covered with powdered sugar. Roll the dough to about one-fourth of an inch thickness.

use the printable template and a sharp knife to cut out the baby yoda cookies from the cookie dough

3. Place the template on top of the dough. Hold the template in place and cut around the border with a paring knife. If the template sticks to the dough, try spreading a little powdered sugar on the template.

4. Place the cookies on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake according to the cookie recipe.

How to Decorate Baby Yoda Cookies

Once the sugar cookies have cooled, you’re ready to bring Baby Yoda’s face to life and dress him in his coat!

The royal icing recipe we used yields about 3 cups, which is more than enough to decorate about 3 dozen cookies. More than likely, you will have extra icing.

royal icing details on easy to make baby yoda sugar cookies

We used piping bags with couplers and Wilton Tips #2 and #3. If you don’t have these supplies, you can get by with plastic bags. After filling the bags with icing, snip the very tip off the bag to create a tiny opening. Smaller openings tend to give you more control over the icing as it comes out of the bag. You can always make the opening a little bigger if necessary.

What You” ll Need:

● One Batch of Royal Icing (from Sally’s Baking Addiction)
● Wilton Icing Colors
~Moss Green
● Wilton Icing Tips
~Tip #2-Outlining
~Tip #3-Flooding (filling in)
● Piping Bags & Couplers
● Toothpicks
● Small Bowls
● Spatula or something to mix with

1. Divide the batch of royal icing into 5 small bowls. The approximate amounts we used for each shade are shown below.

icing colors and amounts of royal icing used to decorate baby yoda sugar cookies

2. Swipe a toothpick into the icing color and add it to the small bowl of icing. To achieve these soft colors, it won’t take much icing color. Use a light hand! With a spatula or spoon, mix the coloring into the icing until well blended. Add a little more at a time until you are happy with the color shades.

3. Pour the icing into piping bags with couplers, or plastic bags, and you’re ready to decorate the cookies!

4. Outline the bottom square of the cookie with brown icing to create the coat.

outline baby yoda's coat with brown royal icing

5. Fill in (flood) the outlined area.

fill in baby yoda's coat with brown royal icing

6. Pipe the inside of the ears with pink icing.

use pink royal icing to pipe small lines for the inside of baby yoda's ears

7. Outline the head with moss green icing.

outline baby yoda's head with moss green royal icing

8. Flood the outlined head with moss green icing.

flood the head with moss green royal icing

9. Once the brown icing has dried, pipe the detail of the coat with ivory icing, making a “T” shape down the coat.

pipe the coat detail in a "T" shape using ivory royal icing

10. Pipe small green lines for Baby Yoda’s hands peeping out of his coat sleeves.

pipe hand details on the coat with moss green royal icing

11. Once the green frosting has dried, finish off the face with small black dots for eyes and a small green dot for a button nose. All finished!!!

simple royal icing details on baby yoda sugar cookies

These cute Baby Yoda cookies will be a hit at a Star Wars-themed party. They are also a tasty treat for a kid’s birthday party. They work great as a cupcake topper!

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How to Make Baby Yoda Cookies Without a Cookie Cutter

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