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***Baking orders for WICHITA, KS & the SURROUNDING AREA. SCROLL DOWN for info on HOW TO ORDER***


6 inch Round Cake, 4 Layers

start at $45

Serves 20-24

Mini Cake

start at $15

4 inch round, 2 layers ~ Serves 2-4 ~ *Add to your birthday order as a "Wish Cake" for only $7!

Small Pizza Cake

start at $35

8 slices + 1 cupcake center ~ Serves 9

Large Pizza Cake

start at $50

12 slices + 1 cupcake center ~ Serves 13

~FlavorsWhite ~ Yellow ~ Chocolate.

~All of our cakes are frosted and decorated with our signature Vanilla ButtercreamChocolate Lover? Ask for our Chocolate Buttercream!

~Final Pricing: based on extra/custom details and complexity of design.

*Browse through our Cakes for examples, ideas, and inspiration!


1 Dozen (min. order)

start at $24

Basic design: cupcakes topped with large buttercream swirl. Custom designs upon request.

~FlavorsWhite ~ Yellow ~ Chocolate.

~All of our cupcakes are topped with our signature Vanilla ButtercreamChocolate Lover? Ask for our Chocolate Buttercream!

Sugar Coookies

1 Dozen (min. order)

start at $24

Basic order: medium sized cookies decorated with buttercream. Custom designs upon request.

~FlavorsClassic ~ Signature Holiday

Sweet Treats


$18/Half Dozen ~ $30/Dozen

Soft & chewy brownie covered in chocolate on a stick. Adorned with colored chocolate drizzles and sprinkles. *Egg free

Peanut Butter Balls


Developed from our Grandma's recipe, a light and creamy mixture made with all-natural peanut butter covered in a smooth chocolate coating.

Hot Chocolate Bombs

$3/Fun Size ~ $5/Mega Bomb

The fun way to make a cup of hot cocoa! A hollow ball of chocolate filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows.

~FlavorsClassic ~ Peppermint ~ Pop Rock Peppermint

Have something special in mind?

Customize your order with your choice of:

~color scheme~

~flavor choices~


~chocolate accents~

~edible glitter dust~

~and more fun add-ons!~

Place an Order !!!

When contacting us with an order request, please include the following:

~dessert type~

~quantity needed~

~flavor choices (if applicable)~

~custom requests (design, colors, decor details, etc.)~

~date needed by~

3 Ways to Start an Order Request


Hop over to our Contact Page and tell us all about what you’d like to order!


Message us with your dessert details @apieceofcakeparty.


Leave a message on our Facebook Page about what dessert you have in mind!

Our Policy

Order Notice: we strive to fulfill all order requests with the highest quality and as many design details as possible.  For that reason, please order ahead accordingly to ensure we have the proper time and materials to make your dream dessert a reality!

  • Order 1 week ahead for base-price orders
  • Order 10 Days (minimum) to 2 weeks (preferred) ahead for large or custom orders

~ Delivery Charge may apply

~ Payment: We accept cash, check, or Paypal